Not so Happy Meal

I was just thinking the other day about why McDonald’s has been so successful for so many years. They target the next generation, get the consumer used to their product early so it becomes part of their life early on. Kids will bother their parents incessantly, until they get their way and Mickey D’s knows this. Wendy’s targets the older consumer, you know, the one with the billfold. I would like to see restaurants giving out books instead of cheap plastic crap toys that get broken or lost within hours. Fast-food serves it’s purpose though, and we do not have to patronize… it is a choice we make. Let’s make the choice not to….



When was the first time you went to McDonalds? It seems as if McDonald’s targets young children by promoting certain movies and including a toy. I remember getting a toy in my Happy Meal and being pretty darn excited. However, the actual meal was not one of much nutritional value and my mother did not let me go very often. Today our world faces a childhood obesity crisis and maybe it is time fast food restaurants stop targeting children.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Procon agency is fining McDonalds for $1.6 million dollars as well as other fast food companies. The agency’s top lawyer, Renan Ferraciolli, argued, “There’s no need to appeal as they do to children without the maturity or the rationality to enter the market as consumers.” In the United States we face a similar challenge and unhealthy food is still being advertised to children.

A study by…

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